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Simple and clear guidelines

How to write Hangul easily. With the handwriting and writing method developed directly by Brushday, anyone can write letters easily.

Stroke Order

  • ㄱ~ㅉ
  • 20 page


  • ㅏ~ㅢ
  • 22 page

Final Consonant

  • 9 page


  • 10 page


  • 4 page


Step-by-step course content

The course are organized in the order of basic lines, consonants, vowels, etc. so that anyone can understand them.


In order to learn something, you have to learn the principle. That way, you can improve your skills quickly.

Our course visually explain the principles of Hangul, making it easier to understand.


1. Basic
- Recommended pen (01:14)
- Basic line (01:08)
- long line (06:17)
- Short line (05:40)
* 2 worksheets provided *

2. Ratio

- Hangul ratio formula (02:08)

- ㄱ~ㅈ (09:30)

- ㅊ~ㅎ (06:39)

- Double consonant (06:36)

- Simple vowel (06:57)

- Complex vowels (09:16)

3. Understanding the dotted line
- Dotted line description (01:29)
- No final consonant 1 (09:14)
- No final consonant 2 (07:47)
- No final consonant 3 (07:53)
- No final consonant 4 (08:18)
- Final consonant 1 (08:17)
- Final consonant 2 (07:02)
- Final consonant 3 (05:26)

4. Starting with a blank paper

- How to practice blank paper (01:49)

- Words without final consonant (13:16)

- Words with final consonant (15:46)

- sentence 1 (05:55)

- sentence 2 (05:11)



How can I download?

You can download it immediately from the order completion page. We will also email you the e-book file within 5 minutes.

Can you send me the actual book?

We will send you an ebook by email. No need to wait for delivery, you can download and practice anytime!

PDF file does not open

Try the method below :

* Mac

Right click on the Pdf file> Open with > Google Chrome or Safari


Right click on the Pdf file> Open with > Google Chrome

If the above method does not solve the problem, please send a screenshot or video to

We will be happy to help.


What is Korean course?

This lecture is made for those who do not know how to write Hangul. This program is not suitable for those who want to learn the grammar of Hangul. Our course contain ways to write Hangeul more beautifully, and are listened to by Koreans as well as foreigners.

We have taught many people and observed the trial and error experienced by beginners. So, it is easy to understand the information that people confuse.

Where does the program take place?

Everything is done online. You can go through the training at your own pace.

Which devices can I use to access the program?

After registering for the program, you will be prompted to create a user profile for accessing the training platform. You will then be able to take the course on any device connected to the Internet.

In which languages do you offer the program?

Our lectures are offered in English. However, there is no difficulty in understanding the lecture no matter what language you use because it is explained visually.

What will I learn?

The lecture consists of 4 chapters and 23 videos. You will learn the basics and aim to write on blank paper.

1. Basic

2. Ratio

3. Understanding the dotted line

4. Starting with a blank paper