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Let’s learn how to write letters in a clean and balanced shape
Anyone can write clean letters consistently through an easy-to-understand, easy-to-learn formula, creating a sense of unity and harmony in your handwriting
Banbanche Course

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With practice, you can improve your handwriting, too!

We recommend this class to…

    Those who want to have their own, beautiful handwriting

    Those who want to make their story more special and unique

    Those who want to have a hobby that they can enjoy for the rest of their life

    Those who spend a lot of time browsing the Internet for knowledge

Key Features of our Course

We will teach you how to improve your handwriting through our systematic curriculum that consists of 23 video lectures and 69 page-long PDF manual! We also provide a brief introductory tutorial at the start of each chapter to make sure that YOU understand the purpose of each lecture and how to follow it!

Step-by-Step Lecture
23 Lectures
69-page-long PDF guide

What’s so special about Banbanche?

  • Easy-to-understand formulas will help you improve your handwriting in a short period of time
  • Neat & Balanced style of handwriting
  • Very practical! You can use it for notes, memos, and even at your office!
Easy Formula

Chapter 1

Basics 101: The Art of Drawing a Line

Hangul consists of straight lines and curves. Before practicing writing consonants and vowels, it is important to practice drawing straight lines to build a solid foundation for your handwriting. This will make it easier for you to ‘control’ your own handwriting. In Chapter 1, we will teach you how to practice the basics.

Using the Right Pen

Understanding the size of the letters by your skill level and the various thickness of different pens

Basic Lines

Practice drawing short/long lines to improve your basic handwriting skills


Pen Recommendation


Basic Lines


Long Lines


Short Lines


Long Lines

1 p

Short Lines

1 p

Chapter 2

Ratio of Consonants & Vowels

The ‘ratio (proportion)’ of a letter is mostly identical regardless of its location. We’ll teach you the basic principles according to the formula of ‘ratio’, then teach you about the vowels and consonants. Then, we will learn how to write the letters (vowels/consonants) differently depending on the combination and use of ‘batchims (final consonants)’.

Ratio of Consonants

Understanding the ratio of consonants and double consonants

Ratio of Vowels
Understanding the ratio of monophthongs and diphthongs
Combination of Consonants & Vowels
The basic principle mostly remains the same regardless of the combination
Understanding the ‘ratio’ of a letter
Double Consonants
Single Vowels (Monophthong)
Double Vowels (Diphthong)
20 p
22 p

Chapter 3

Batchims & Dotted Lines

You can learn about the relationship between the ‘batchim’ and ‘dotted lines’, which are the key features of Banbanche. If there is no ‘batchim’ in the character, you must write the vowels/consonants slightly bigger than usual.
When there is no ‘Batchim’
Understanding the shape of vowels/consonants when there is no ‘batchim’

When there is a ‘Batchim’
Understanding the difference in the shape of ‘batchim’ in various cases (lower vowel, side vowel)

Understanding ‘Dotted Lines’
When there are no Batchims #1
When there are no Batchims #2
When there are no Batchims #3
When there are no Batchims #4
When there are Batchims #1
When there are Batchims #2
When there are Batchims #3
Batchim (Final Consonants)
9 p

Chapter 4

Writing on an Empty Sheet of Paper

If you immediately start writing on an empty sheet of paper, you won’t be able to effectively improve your handwriting. Instead, use our carefully designed worksheet and training course to get familiar with writing on an empty sheet of paper.

Moving on to an Empty Sheet of Paper
Get familiar with writing on an empty sheet of paper through our 3-stage worksheet
Writing Words/Sentences
Practice your handwriting by writing words and sentences on an empty sheet of paper
How to begin writing in an empty sheet of paper
Words without ‘Batchim’ 
Words with ‘Batchim’
Sentence 1
Sentence 2
11 p
3 p

I want to know more about the Banbanche

The ‘Banbanche’ is a type of handwriting that focuses on its ‘clean’, ‘neat’, and ‘balanced’ shape. You can learn about the basic formula and implementation of Banbanche through our series of well-designed, easy-to-learn lectures and materials. With a little bit of practice and the help from our lectures, even those with bad handwriting will be able to improve their handwriting skills within a short period of time!

What should I do to take the lectures?

For non-members - An access link will be sent to the email you signed up for when purchasing.

When you are a member - You can access it through the 'Course-Access' menu when purchasing.

Can you tell us about your curriculum?

There are a total of 4 chapters and 23 lectures included in our curriculum. In the first chapter, “Basics 101 – The Art of Drawing a Line”, you will learn about the basics of handwriting and how to begin your own handwriting journey. In our second chapter, you will learn about the ‘ratio’ of consonants and vowels. In the third chapter, you will learn about the ‘formula’ that makes Banbanche special and practice writing letters with/without a ‘Batchim’. In our fourth and final chapter, you will practice writing words and sentences on a blank sheet of paper.

  • Basics 101 – The Art of Drawing a Line
  • Structural Ratio of Consonants and Vowels
  • Understanding ‘Batchim’ and ‘Dotted Lines’
  • Moving on to a Blank Sheet of Paper

 Where can I take the lectures?

 You can take our classes at the ‘Course-Access’ menu on our official website. Since every single lecture is provided online, you can start and follow our curriculum at your own pace!

What kind of devices can I use to take the lectures?

You can take our lectures on literally any electronic device that you can imagine. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.

How long can I have access to the lectures?

Once you purchase it, you will have unlimited access FOREVER!